Fire  |  Power  |  Passion

Fire | Power | Passion

Enhancing intimacy, sensuality, sexual experiences



To enhance singles, couples, polyamorous relationship intimacy, sensuality and sexual experiences to a new level of synchronization beyond your wildest imagination.

We provide a tried and true system of developing awareness, understanding and recognizing your strengths and passions which allows you to stimulate and correlate all your senses.

With this great recognition comes unlimited intimacy and sexual power, naturally and intuitively, developing all your prowess and sensuality beyond your fantasy. This power allows you to seek the right kind of relationships and partners. During the relationship development period, as well as through years and decades of loving relationships, the feelings of warmth, intimacy and returned sensuality will simply blossom with renewal, freedom and success.

WHO WE SERVEWe are a kink friendly sensuality and sexuality oriented hypnosis and master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Our clients are individuals, couples, polyamorous relationships and other lifestyle communities.  We help our clients identify issues and sexual misconceptions, educating and setting expectations. We specialize in intimacy, Lack of Libido, lack of arousal, Sex and Aging, Sexual confidence, embracing sensuality, Sexual Anxiety and overcoming sexual hang-ups.

We provide services for male centered issues such as Intervention of testosterone deficiency, 4 types of ejaculatory issues, erectile dysfunction.  For female centered issues we specialize in post-birth issue, vaginal dryness, orgasm achievement and enhancement and female ejaculation.

From hypnosis to erotic instruction, our classes and workshops include:

  • A safe and comfortable environment to explore sensual & sexual topics on your own or with a partner or instructor
  • Hands-on experience with guided strategies & techniques
  • Trusted, educated instructors
  • Reference materials and information

The fire, power, & passion in any relationship can be expressed in many ways. The Sensuality, Erotic, and Sexuality Enlightenment and Development (SEXED) series is a path to finding, nurturing, and sharing that expression.

For those couples and individuals exploring sexuality through Bondage & Discipline, or Sado-masichism, the BDSM & Power Exchange series teaches individuals and couples to safely, consensually navigate the definitions, techniques, and communication. The Social Communities for Couples

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